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Current Desktop

Current Desktop

Loving my minimalistic desktop. No distractions.


Looking for remote developers/designers to get on board for some upcoming projects! Get at us with an email.


has definitely been a great year & for what's to come More great Accepting more


New Year & lots of great new things in the works! Keep watching for more information


A lot of great things are happening. If you are a technology professional and want to be included in projects, feel free to visit


A New Love Has Developed @Pagekit #cms #pagekit #symfony #vuejs #composer

A New Love Has Developed @Pagekit #cms #pagekit #symfony #vuejs #composer

An Open Source CMS. Built with awesome libraries.



Our whole user interface is powered by Vue.js, possibly the best JavaScript framework around. Simple, flexible, easy to learn. We simply love it.

Symfony Components

Symfony Components

Pagekit's modular and extendable architecture is built on top of Symfony components. The de facto standard for modern PHP applications.

Composer, Doctrine, UIkit, jQuery, Swiftmailer

And many more

A huge thank you to Composer, Doctrine, UIkit, jQuery, Gulp, Webpack and all other Open Source projects that make Pagekit possible.


A lot of great new things are happening. Keep an eye out via Twitter @jeremyjmonroe or at our website KreativMind at for updates on new and upcoming projects.


It's a beautiful day to be relaxing at the home office sipping on coffee and working on some projects. Loving how progressive these projects are becoming.


Working on some projects. Late at night seems to be the time when I have more of a focus on what needs to be completed.


Beautiful day today. Working on some projects. Our newest social networking site is complete and ready for the public. Registration is open at Signup today! Memberships is always free.


Have some really great things in the works. A lot is going on and more to be seen soon. For right now, I am prioritizing my projects list, drinking coffee, and listening to some music. A very enjoyable evening.


Blabd - A Creative Social Platform

1 min read

We've heard your requests and decided to build a new social platform for the creative at heart. We've built a platform that will allow you to post status updates, designs, tag your colleagues, follow your favorite designs and designers. You can also create groups in which you can invite friends into to share info, collaborate on projects, post up mockup designs and get feedback. The possibilities are endless. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for yourself or your design agency, Blabd is the answer. Visit today and get started.

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My Blog Powered by Known

1 min read

I have created this blog so that I can post updates about projects I am working on as well as keep users of our social creative platform Blabd informed with news and updates. Feel free to follow along. I can also be followed on Twitter @jeremyjmonroe


Jeremy Monroe