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Once A Great Icon, Long Forgotten

Once A Great Icon, Long Forgotten

The World Famous Coca Cola


No More Bullying

No More Bullying

is a safe haven for anyone having issues, deals with , , or , being at school, or just needs someone to talk to. Please be sure to tell everyone you know about PaddedSpace because no one knows what other’s are going through in their minds.


Current Desktop

Current Desktop

Loving my minimalistic desktop. No distractions.


Looking for remote developers/designers to get on board for some upcoming projects! Get at us with an email.


has definitely been a great year & for what's to come More great Accepting more


Working on community site. Haven't joined? You should.


Great New Project

1 min read

I've been struck with an idea, a business idea that I think might just work. I have great faith is this idea because so much of the questions we typically ask ourselves when creating a new startup were answered the minute the idea came to mind.

I don't want to expose any further details, but if I choose to pursue this idea, I will post some updates and eventually the end result (beginning of a new journey).

Till then, have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!


Blabd Resource for places to meet & have fun in major cities across .


Take a look at the new KreativMinds . is available now


can start sharing their works easily on SplashIt at


Working on the details of the next big step in our growth process. So many questions need answered and researched.