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Upostia is almost ready to go live. Read, Write, Comment. Get early notification by signing up at



Been very busy handling some contract work. Been going great. Lot's of new avenues have opened up and pushing to make it all happen.


A lot of great things are happening. If you are a technology professional and want to be included in projects, feel free to visit


Revamping Our Creative Network

1 min read

It's all about togetherness

We took a look at our current creative network and decided it was better to revamp some things about it. We elected to remove some features we deemed "unneccessary" and chose to stick to our original plan for the community.

From now on, members will have the ability to sign up and update their user profile page, write articles, blogs, news, etc and share or read others' and comment. We feel that having the ability to update statuses and send messages to each other really is a necessary tool for what the community is about. It's about togetherness. Creating works and sharing so that others can comment and help us improve and grow as KreativMinds.

In closing, stay focused, stay positive, stay creative. It's who we are and what we've grown into.


We don't need control. We don't need bathrooms. What we need is One Nation under GOD


A New Love Has Developed @Pagekit #cms #pagekit #symfony #vuejs #composer

An Open Source CMS. Built with awesome libraries.



Our whole user interface is powered by Vue.js, possibly the best JavaScript framework around. Simple, flexible, easy to learn. We simply love it.

Symfony Components

Symfony Components

Pagekit's modular and extendable architecture is built on top of Symfony components. The de facto standard for modern PHP applications.

Composer, Doctrine, UIkit, jQuery, Swiftmailer

And many more

A huge thank you to Composer, Doctrine, UIkit, jQuery, Gulp, Webpack and all other Open Source projects that make Pagekit possible.


Filipina Dating Site

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So the UK has indeed voted itself away from the EU. 52% Yes 48% No.
Good luck UK. Wish you the best joining the Dutch.


Project Blabd

Blabd lets you communicate status updates, images, upload files, links or create groups. Blabd is the easiest platform to communicate and collaborate with others.


Mahal kita, Walang iba. Annabelle, you're my strength, my hope, my dreams, and my life. You are my happiness, my reason to strive to be the best, my purpose in life. Pinakamamahal kita asawa ko.


If you haven't had a chance to check out Blabd, you should. is for the creative.


Feel Like Superman

1 min read

She is amazing. She is beautiful. In my opinion, the most beautiful woman in the world. Even though I have downfalls and a lot of imperfections, she makes me feel like Superman living in a perfect world. Her smile makes even the worst days worth dealing with and the darkest days the most brightest. It's no wonder why she is my "Wonder Woman". Pinakamamahal kita asawa ko!


Pilipinas Sunset

The trip to the Philippines was a success. So many beautiful places to see and many pictures taken. The culture and the people of the Pinas are some of the most beautiful in the world. It was such a great experience and I am looking forward to going back to experience much, much more.