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Creative Junkie. Designer. Photographer. Writer.


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Upostia is almost ready to go live. Read, Write, Comment. Get early notification by signing up at



A New Love Has Developed @Pagekit #cms #pagekit #symfony #vuejs #composer

An Open Source CMS. Built with awesome libraries.



Our whole user interface is powered by Vue.js, possibly the best JavaScript framework around. Simple, flexible, easy to learn. We simply love it.

Symfony Components

Symfony Components

Pagekit's modular and extendable architecture is built on top of Symfony components. The de facto standard for modern PHP applications.

Composer, Doctrine, UIkit, jQuery, Swiftmailer

And many more

A huge thank you to Composer, Doctrine, UIkit, jQuery, Gulp, Webpack and all other Open Source projects that make Pagekit possible.


Filipina Dating Site

Want to meet a nice woman? They are loyal, respectful and beautiful. Sign up at and find love.


Project Blabd

Blabd lets you communicate status updates, images, upload files, links or create groups. Blabd is the easiest platform to communicate and collaborate with others.


Pilipinas Sunset

The trip to the Philippines was a success. So many beautiful places to see and many pictures taken. The culture and the people of the Pinas are some of the most beautiful in the world. It was such a great experience and I am looking forward to going back to experience much, much more.


Project PlantWorker

The main goal of this project was to build a social networking site solely based upon joining plant workers from around the world together all in one place. We built in the many features needed specifically to help plant workers connect and share information, job listings, stories and tools or equipment available for sale. gained over 700 members within it's first 6 weeks of public existence...and it's still growing at a rapid pace.

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Project OOLOO

There are many online classifieds sites available today but none like OOLOO. We took surveys asking what people would want to see and, well, we built it. There numerous categories available allowing you to post almost anything. OOLOO is free to post but also includes some premium features as well for additional fees. If you are looking to advertise online for free and want a clean and easy to use layout with great results, join OOLOO today.

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Einstein Said It Best...

So much truth to what Einstein said @kreativmind


All About Design

We love what we love. We live, breathe, eat, & perfect design. @kreativmind


Landscape Photography

A beautiful view I captured this morning.



So Very True

This image speaks leaps and bounds. Love your children always. Silence a hurtful tongue.


Bad fortune?

Could I possibly be doomed??


Blabd Favicon/Small Logo

Simple but defines who we are.