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So the UK has indeed voted itself away from the EU. 52% Yes 48% No.
Good luck UK. Wish you the best joining the Dutch.


Mahal kita, Walang iba. Annabelle, you're my strength, my hope, my dreams, and my life. You are my happiness, my reason to strive to be the best, my purpose in life. Pinakamamahal kita asawa ko.


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12 more hours till boarding the plane! First stop, New York, Hong Kong, and finally Philippines!


1 more week until we're in the Philippines! Excited but a lot of airplane time. Going to be worth it!


It's official! The tickets are purchased. @KreativMind is heading to the Philippines! Let's see what adventures we can get into. Looking forward to photographing our journey to new territory.


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Re-post in case you missed out on reading this story. “Life As It Has Become”


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